Cochise Dermatology introduces the latest technology in Laser Hair Removal available today. The Palomar Vectus System, offers the fastest and most advanced technology to give you the best results possible for permanent hair reduction. Cochise Dermatology is the first practice in southern Arizona to own this laser system, superior to any other hair removal system available.

Excessive hair growth may arise from puberty, pregnancy, menopause, heredity, medication, diseases or many other causes. Whether for hygienic or cosmetic reasons, a patient who is tired of temporary, often painful methods of removing unwanted hair – from depilatories, epilators and shavers to waxing and electrolysis – may welcome Laser Hair Removal treatments with relief.

The most common complication of the procedure is the regrowth of some hair, though it is usually finer and lighter than what was originally removed. Maintenance treatments will usually be required once or twice a year.

Treatment may be performed on any skin color, however the treatment does not work on grey, blond, or vellus hair (peach fuzz on the face).

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